ARIS Intelligent Sensor

Our web guiding system, ARIS, features the latest in web guiding technology. It adapts to any material, requires no calibration, and is very simple to set-up.

Our technology allows the sensor to be material agnostic, which means ARIS accurately detects the web edge position of any materials used without the need for manual adjustments.

ARIS’ sensor technology works differently than any other currently available sensor in the market. It uses the reflection of infrared light to take a picture of the edge of the material. This picture is then processed using digital signal processing algorithms to accurately sense the true position of the material irrespective of its physical properties. Other sensors use a blocking technique where the web is used to block light, sound or air. Since the amount of blocking depends on the material properties, the current sensor technology is less accurate with porous or transparent material. Ultimately the web guiding performance is affected by the inaccurate sensor measurement.

In addition to advanced sensing capabilities, ARIS communicates intelligently with the sensor.

A green web detected indicator will verify that the edge is detected by the sensor.

If the sensor is not connected properly or if the edge is outside the window the indicator will not be lit.

unlit web detected indicator

Above the icons you will see the material edge position indicator. When the material is in the correct position, you will see one red bar and one green bar.

The green bar indicates the middle portion of the sensor and ideally the web should be in the green bar region. If it’s incorrectly positioned, you will either see no green bar or you will see red bars on both sides of the green.

incorrect material edge position indicatorincorrect material edge position indicator

If the sensor is not within a measurable distance then the material edge position indicator will be gray.

The sensor position indicator on either side of the web guide picture shows the position of the sensor with respect to the guide. If the sensor indicator does not register the sensor on the correct side of the web, or if the green bar is displayed on the wrong side of the web, press the ‘find sensor’ to automatically register the sensor position indicator. To make it simple and foolproof, the intelligence in ARIS can work irrespective of the sensor position as long as the web is inside the sensing window. If no sensor is connected or if the sensor is faulty, none of the position indicators will be lit. When the sensor is plugged back in, ARIS will automatically register the correct sensor position.

Sensor Specifications

Resolution: 63 um
Sensing Width: 16 mm- 48 mm
Sampling Rate: up to 200 Hz

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