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Check out the many capabilities our sensors have in line, edge and center guiding. Our sensors require no calibration. For more information, check out our products at

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This Pedro Velasco with Roll-2-Roll Technologies.

And we want to show you a little bit more about our sensor technology and its different applications. So here we have a demo set up to show some of the features that are sensors have.

Right now we're showcasing the 221 infrared sensor and on the left side you'll see the 48 millimeter white light sensor which we used mostly for contrast guiding so we have already set up the 221 infrared sensor. We're going to do first, let me show you the in the edge mode all the capabilities that it can do.

So they can do so right now number one. It can actually tell you exactly where the sensor is mounted and which side its absolutely sensing so as you can see it automatically detects a sensor and then it's affecting the edge on this side, right?

But I want to change it. Just press here if I come from this side? See it automatically detects no calibration needed for this operation. Additionally we have other characteristics that we can do with this we can do something with this same sensor. We can measure width.

We set it up to monitor in this case. It can be a pass or fail condition so now there's no material, so I'm gonna put a material here. Then I'm going to set a condition and I'm going to set it up. Let's say I want to accept two millimeters off. That's accept so now it has recorded the distance that just width that I want right? But put another material, that's a different width. It will leave me a fail condition because it's beyond the limits that I've all already set up over here. So that's another characteristics of our sensors.

We can also show you another which is the string mode right here for the 221 sensor if I present one string? You will actually see one string. So that's another characteristics of our sensors. But that is the same time you can also see two strings and you can see even three and many more right, but the best thing that we can do is we can actually also give you the distance between the strings. So in this case is telling us between the third and first string there's 36 millimeters right? However we can adjust this, prepare you with our system so that they can actually tell you the difference between individual strings.

Now let me hook up now our white light sensor so as you can see I'm just going to unhook our 221 sensor infrared sensor. And then I'm going to just hook up the white light sensor as you can see it turns on immediately. It detects it.

And of course a white light sensor can do edge guiding.

Just this the other sensors. You can do it from either side, it auto detects. But I can also select the mode, so right now. It's got to do contrast sensing, so it will tell me the position this contrast as you can see by that?

Green and Red bar right, but I can also tell you not only that I can tell you the width of that, so it gives us a 9-millimeter width, if I change it and see, it changes.

Of course, if I had a steady hand this would work better. [okay], so that's one of us the many features that we have and that's with the white light sensor contrast capabilities.

Also, we can also give you a mark so let's say for example. You have something like this. We wanted to detect the mark, so as soon as the sensor sees it, it will tell me that the mark is detective. Mark detected. This comes across, so this has multiple applications if you had for example. We can actually give you the distance between marks through a one of our algorithms.

But the best thing we can do is, we can also do this with ultraviolet light and then you can have a mark with UV ink which can also be detected. So these are some of our capabilities that are sensors can do. Of course now we're looking for other applications. As we do our research in our developing products right now these are available to you. Just give us a call or visit our website, and you can actually see your products there. Thank you very much