Do the sensors from Roll-2-Roll Technologies require calibration?


We are often asked how to calibrate our sensors. This video will show exactly how easy it is to set up our web guiding system.

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Video Transcript: 

Hi, this is Pedro Velasco with Roll-2-Roll Technologies.

We want to answer one of the questions that reader in e-news sent us. His question was literally just how do you calibrate your sensors? One of the things we do with Roll-2-Roll Technologies with what we have developed it's that you have to, you don't need to do any calibration of our sensors. Right here today I'm going to do a very short demo using one of our demo units plus two of our main sensors, the 48 millimeters white light sensor to use for contrast sensing and edge sensing and then our white 221 millimeter sensors infrared which we use for edge detection but also for measuring width and center guiding, so let us show you how.

In this case you notice immediately as soon as I plug it in the sensor came on with no need of any other procedure in just coming you know. Now as you can see right now on the screen the sensor I have to go and tell it find the sensor, it's searching and then as soon as I put the material, it detects where the sensor is at. As you can see it's actually detecting the material as it goes through.

Ok so now let's say that I want to change the sensor for some other reason and now all I do is just unplug the sensor. And as soon as I unplug it the display tells us that there's no sensor there. At the same time I'm going to plug in one of our featured sensors, the 221 millimeter sensor which has many capabilities. Like for example, we can do edge detection, it can do width sensing and immediately it detects a sensor there. However, I'm going to do a search sensor and the same procedure and as soon as I put material it detects the material. Now it is only guiding off on the edge of the material on the leading edge.

That is how simple it is to change sensors and as you can see there's no need for calibration.

We hope that this video has helped you understand a little bit more about our about our technology and we will continue to show more stuff, but especially the features that are sensors have.