Product Manual: Unpacking Instructions


Just received the latest web guiding technology? Check these unpacking instructions before you get started!

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The ARIS web guiding system will arrive packaged in a cardboard enclosure specially designed for the web guide.
Make sure you open the box in the upright position. The upright position can be verified by printing on the outside of the box. The packaging will be enclosed in a clear pouch on the top of the box. Use the packaging list to
verify the items received. The package will include a product shipping sheet with technical information of the product and links to get online access to the product manual and technical support.

Although the packaging is designed to protect the product from shock due to transportation care should be taken and handle in the box with the guide to avoid damaging the device. The sensor is shipped uninstalled from the
guide at unit and will be packaged within the protective cardboard enclosures. The cardboard enclosure is accessible after the web guide is removed from the box.

Remove the protective cardboard enclosures carefully to avoid dropping the sensor assembly and remove the sensor from within the cardboard enclosure. The optional pre-wired power adapter will be packaged in the same cardboard enclosure assembly as a sensor unit if the order includes this option.