Roll-2-Roll Technologies Launches the 440mm Sensor


Roll-2-Roll Technologies is releasing a new bigger and better sensor. Check out this video to learn more and reserve yours today!

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Hello, this is Pedro with Roll-2-Roll Technologies and we're going to tell you a little bit of our sensors, especially the array on sensors that we have available to the market.

Now we have talked before about the WPS 48, which is a 48-millimeter sensing window and the 221 with a wider window available for mostly center guiding and it can do edge detection as the other can. And also it does thread counting and it can be used to monitor web width as one of the many features it has.

However we're introducing to the market something we just developed which will be available in May to the industry which is the WPS 440 IR. It includes also
the same infrared signal and it has a 440 millimeter sensing window but one of the best features of it all is it even though these require a sensor control unit this has a central control unit enclosed within the
same package.

All you have to do is connect two cables and the sensor is ready to go. Now with this you can monitor remotely a web but the same time you can also control a web guiding system.

So this is available to the market in May, we're going to be showcasing this at ICE USA 2017. We'll be at Booth 1034 and we can actually see the sensor in operation over there. So in order to get some more information about our products, visit our website the