Web Position Sensor for Center and Edge Guiding from Roll-2-Roll Technologies


One of the many features of our wide width sensors is the ability to function as a sensor for both edge and center guiding without the need for calibration. See how easy it is to use one sensor for both center and edge web guiding applications in this demonstration of switching from edge guiding to center guiding on-the-fly.

For more information check out product page: http://www.r2r-tech.com/products/position-sensors/aris-web-position-sensor

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Today we want to show you another of the features of our sensors
In this case, we have a 221 mm sensor, we can use for center guiding and at the same time for edge guiding, you just by flipping on off switch. Right now we have it set on a 15 inch guide.

And right now set up to run as a center guide. However, what I'm going to do now, we don't recommend you do it on your machine but just to show you how easy it is to just switch the one from center guiding to edge guiding.

So right now as you can see its set on center guiding. Now, I'm going to put the web guide out of automatic to manual and then I'm going to slide the sensor all the way for the position where it's going to be edge guiding on the same position that we have it. Then I'm going to turn it back on and do edge and find sensor, and I'm going to turn it back on. You can see it maintains same position. It's doing exactly edge guiding in the same