The most versatile sensor of the ARIS Web Position Sensor line has a 48 mm sensing window. It provides accurate and precise detection of the web edge of any material without the need for calibration. Three light sources allow for a wide variety of applications. IR (Infrared) for most edge detection applications, WL (broad band White Light) for visible contrast applications, and UV (Ultraviolet) for florescence contrast applictions.


Simplifying the Web Guiding and Detection Process

The most versatile web position sensor in the industry, it’s wide number of applications include edge detection for edge guiding and center guiding with the infrared LED model, contrast and line detection for contrast and line guiding with the white light LED model, and UV marking detection with the ultraviolet LED model. The sensor can be used with an ARIS WGS web guiding system or as a stand alone sensor to monitor web edge position or presence/absence along with an ARIS SCU (sensor control unit).

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Product Specifications

  • Sensing window: 48 mm
  • Sensor resolution: 0.0635 mm
  • Number of pixels: 768
  • Optimal working distance: 10 mm
  • Light Source: Infrared (880 nm), White Light (450 - 700 nm), Ultraviolet (375 nm)
  • Accuracy: 99.2%
  • Accuracy: 99.2%
  • Requires ARIS SCU Controller

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Support Documents and Videos

Reference material on web position sensors and web guiding

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  • Infrared Light for Web Edge Sensor Applications
  • White Light Sensor for Web Edge and Contrast Sensor Applications
  • UV Light Sensor for Web UV Marking Applications
  • Advanced Web Sensor Technology allows to detect the edge of any type of material without the need of calibration


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