KOIOS Data Analytics

Determine your process health through the KOIOS Data Analytics system developed exclusively for the ARIS Web Guiding Systems. KOIOS Data Analytics is an intelligent data analytics and fault prediction package that offers the ability to detect process issues, material issues and machine issues through the ARIS Web Guiding System.

Web Guides should do more than just guide

A Process Data Analytics Tool

Poor edge quality, flutter, edge disturbance, high frequency disturbance, upstream roller misalignments are detected by the KOIOS Data Analytics based on the data from the sensor measurement and the ARIS Web Guiding System. This optional add-on is available with ARIS Web Guiding System.


See deeper into your process

KOIOS Data Analytics in combination with the ARIS Web Guiding and Web Positioning sensor systems allow you to monitor your process and detect faults on the spot


High Level Information.

The high level fault and status information as well as low level raw data can be accesses via a built-in web server within the ARIS Web Guiding System. Industrial Ethernet protocols such as Ethernet/IP and PROFINET IO can be used to access the information through a PLC in real-time.


Real Time Insight

Information on your process health in real time enabling quick troubleshooting

Reduce Downtime

Meaningful high level machine, process and web material data to determine problems as they are happening.


Access to historical information enables better understanding of effect of raw material or process changes

Waste reduction

The high level fault and status information enables reduction of waste during process or machine upsets

Key Features

Process Issues Detection

Advanced prediction algorithms that analyze data during a rolling 30 second window to detect issues

Monitoring in Real-Time

A powerful tool to monitor the process and detect process, material and machines issues in real-time

Ease of Access to Information

Built in web server for quick access and insight into the data without any time consuming setups

Keeping Connected

Connectivity to industrial PLC through common industrial Ethernet protocols


KOIOS Data Analytics System Technical Sheet

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