ARIS Web Position and Edge Sensor

Simplicity and accuracy. One sensor, multiple applications. The ARIS Web Position Sensor provide edge, line, contrast, and marking detection in one design. A wide variety of materials can be detected by one sensor, without time consuming calibrations... See how we can help you solve your web sensing needs...


Efficient manufacturing requires accuracy

Detecting and guiding the material efficiently requires accuracy and that is what ARIS Web Position Sensor guarantees. As processes become faster, and materials get thinner you need a sensor that can truly detect and guide the web correctly. Precision is great, but it is worth nothing if there is no accuracy. And ARIS Web Position Sensor is not only precise but also highly accurate.


Simple, yet reliable design

Designed to occupy the least amount of volume, signal emission and reception are all housed in the same compact enclosure. Strong extruded aluminum housing, compact design, and a wide variety of options in sensor width and light source offers a robust, lightweight web position sensor system to handle any web detection need, including applications in vacuum and high temperature environments.


Multiple Applications, One Sensor

Edge, line, contrast and marking detection. These capabilities allow for multiple applications not only in web guiding, but also in web monitoring and inspection.


Revolutionary sensor technology

A sensor technology that can detect transparent, opaque and even highly porous webs. The sophistication is also shown in the mechanical design which allows for placement of the web position sensor in spaces that current sensors will not fit. A complete departure from the conventional u-shaped sensor.

  • A revolutionary fiber optic sensor for any web web position sensing needs.
  • A revolutionary fiber optic sensor for any web web position sensing needs.
  • A revolutionary fiber optic sensor for any web web position sensing needs.
  • A revolutionary fiber optic sensor for any web web position sensing needs.
  • A revolutionary fiber optic sensor for any web web position sensing needs.
  • A revolutionary fiber optic sensor for any web web position sensing needs.



With an accuracy of over 99.2% and combined with no need for calibration, a sensor that stands on a superior class of accuracy in the industry.

Unaffected by the Environment

Changes in ambient light, temperature, and sound vibrations do not affect its performance. Unique in its ability to work in vacuum.

High Speed Performance

Precise and absolute measurement at high speed enables waste reduction.

No setup or calibration

Unique technology that allows ARIS Web Position Sensor to operate without the need of time consuming setup procedures or calibrations.


Reliable measurement irrespective of materials especially for nonwoven and highly porous materials.

Affordable Vision System

The power of vision in a compact design operating without the hassle of calibration and setup.


By changing the light source (IR, white light and UV) the sensing principle is adaptable to a variety of applications.


The ability to change quickly from one run to the next, guiding on a line, contrast or an edge with just the pressing of an icon, that is the versatility of the ARIS Web Position Sensor.


Sensor TypeFiber optic with a variety of light sources for specialty applications. Unlike the industry standard, our sensor sends and receives the signal from the same side. The fiber optic receiver is an integral part of the light scattering principle of detecting the web.Fiber Optic
Light SourceLight source for a variety of applications. IR light source for edge detection of all types of materials, WL source for edge, line and contrast detection, UV light source for ultraviolet marking detectionInfrared (IR), White Light (WL), or Ultraviolet (UV)
Sensor ResolutionThe resolution is maintained across the complete spectrum of materials. Unlike other sensors, the sensor does not require calibration to maintain the resolution for different material. 0.0635 mm or 0.125 mm material independent.
Sensor RangeThree sensor widths to handle your web guiding and web detection needs: 16 mm for operations that run a single web width in their lines, 48 mm for operations that run a limited range of different web width, and the 221 mm sensor for a wider range of widths.16 mm, 48 mm, and 221 mm
AccuracyAccuracy is all about detecting the true position, and our sensors can be accurate to within 0.8% of the true position of the material.99.2%
Power SupplyFast becoming the industry standard for control's power supply. Safe and reliable low power supply, no UL certification required24 V DC


ARIS WPS Product Manual v1.1

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