Compact Web Guiding Systems

Powerful Web Guides Made Easy... Roll-2-Roll Technologies Compact Web Guiding System provides converters versatility, ease of operation, and accuracy to handle web guiding of the most difficult web materials in the most challenging conditions. See how we can help you solve your guiding needs...


Narrow Web Guiding in Reduced Spaces - For web widths up to 20"

The controller, actuator and the operator interface is fully integrated in the enclosure. This compact solution allows installation and operation in constrained spaces.

Edge, center and line guiding applications are possible with the ARIS Web Position Sensor. View the ARIS WPS information here .


Smart web guides that incorporate the latest algorithms to learn and adjust on the fly.

With the ARIS SCU5and ARIS WPS sensor, there is no set-up or calibration.

Real plug-and-play system with a completely automated system that recognizes the type of sensor. Just connect power and sensor to start guiding.

Grooved rollers eliminate slippage due to air entrapment between roller surface. Provides improved web traction at higher web speeds.

Faster processing, thinner materials, frequent changeover, tighter tolerance and variety of materials. That's what our web guide control system is designed to handle. We provide solutions when others can't or will not dare...

Support Documents and Videos

Reference material on web guiding and web position sensors.

You can consult our library of manuals, technical papers and videos to learn more about web guiding and other applications.

  • ARIS Compact Web Guide (displacement or offset-pivot web guide) with 10
  • ARIS Compact Web Guide (displacement or offset-pivot web guide) with 12
  • ARIS Compact Web Guide (displacement or offset-pivot web guide) with 15
  • ARIS Compact Web Guide (displacement or offset-pivot web guide) with 17
  • ARIS Compact Web Guide (displacement or offset-pivot web guide) with 20
  • ARIS Compact Web Guide (displacement or offset-pivot web guide) with 22


Roller Face (mm)A wide range of roller widths for narrow web applications, from 10 inches to 22 inches, along with options for surface profiles and surface coatings are available with our web guides. Typically, you want to limit the roller width so that it is at least two inches wider than the maximum material width your operation will handle. Roller selection is all about traction, a web guide system is only effective if there is proper traction between the roller surface and the web material. Operations running less porous materials at high speeds will definitely benefit from a grooved roller to eliminate a common problem for this condition, the entrapment of air between the web and the roller that causes loss of traction at the web guide. Smooth rollers with coated surfaces can be used for delicate materials running at lower speeds.254, 305, 381, 431, 508, 559
Operating Temperature (C)Optimum operating temperature for our guiding system range between 0 C and 60 C. Both mechanical and electronic components in our system are designed to handle temperature extremes that are not typical of converting operations. We have tested the components of our web guides in extreme environmental conditions to ensure the reliability. 0 - 60 ℃
Motor TypeA standard feature of all our web guiding solutions, linear hybrid stepper motors. These actuators eliminate the compliant transmission in web guides and provide a more reliable and high dynamics response. The anti-rotation mechanism in the actuator also greatly improve the reliability of our system. High performance, high efficiency, exceptional endurance, and much quieter motor, ensuring precise positioning, rapid motion and long life.Linear Hybrid Stepper Motor
Power SupplyOur web guides can be run with 24 V DC power supply. This increase the safety and reliability. The low voltage 24 VDC power supply also eliminates the need for UL certification.24 V DC
Control FrequencyA high performance web guide controller enables a high frequency response or high control frequency. This means that our web guide can react quickly to sudden changes providing a exception dynamic response for the overall system.50 - 200 Hz
Error FrequencyWith the high performance web guide controller and high speed sensor acquisition our web guides can provide exceptionally high bandwidth for challenging applications. An error frequency of up to 8 Hz can be handled by the superior dynamic response.up to 8 Hz
Web TensionThe guide mechanism and the guide actuator capabilities dictate the maximum tension that the web guide can handle. Our web guides are specifically designed for narrow web applications with web tension of about 2 to 4 pli (pounds-per-linear inch). Please contact us if higher tension requirement is needed for your application.up to 225 N
Linear ForceThe linear force that our linear hybrid actuator can provide depends on the application. More force enables high tension applications, while lower force enables high speed applications. For light weight nonwoven applications, our 250 N actuator is ideal, while for high tension applications the 1000 N actuator can be chosen.250 - 1000 N
Maximum Actuating TravelMaximum lateral displacement that the guide roller assembly will travel.up to ± 27mm
Correction RateThe maximum linear speed of the guide mechanism indicates the dynamic response capability of the web guiding system. A high speed web guide can react to high frequency disturbances. Speed or correction rate is inversely proportional to the linear force. Low linear force means higher speed of the web guiding system and vice versa.up to 175 mm/sec
Operator InterfaceA color touch screen operator interface allows quick and smooth interaction. The operator interface can be integrated within the guide enclosure or can be placed at a remote location away from the guide mechanism. The wide viewing angle of the operator interface increases the accessibility of our system. Color touch screen
LanguagesLanguage independent icons eliminate the need for language translations. The intuitive icons enable easy operation in any country without the need to modify the control panel.Language Independent Icons
Sensor TypeUnique patented fiber optic sensor technology is the heart of our guide control system. This technology allows our web guiding system to work in any environment with any material while providing true and accurate web edge detection. The sensor technology is extremely accurate while eliminating the need for setup or calibration.Fiber Optic
Sensor ResolutionOur web position sensor's resolution is maintained over a wide variety of materials without the need to calibrate the sensor, something no other web guide manufacturer can match. Two sensor resolution options are available: 0.0635 mm (higher resolution) and 0.125 mm.0.0635 or 0.125 mm
Sensor RangeThe unique sensing principle of the ARIS Web Position Sensor allows a wide sensing range without the loss of resolution. This enables the use of a the guiding system for a variety of applications with web width changes.16, 48, 220 mm
Sensor AccuracyThe high sensor accuracy of the ARIS Web Position Sensor allows our web guide control system to be highly accurate and reliable. True web detection technology within 0.8% of its real web position increases the accuracy.>99.2%


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