Web Position Sensor - Overview

Selecting the right sensor for your operation

Web materials are not perfect, and neither are converting processes.
Controlling the web requires accurate and precise detection of its location. That is the purpose of a web position sensor.

The cutting-edge sensing principle

Accurately measuring the position of the web edge depends on the principle

Sensor technology has evolved. Find out about the differences between blocking/unblocking and the light scattering based sensing principles. Learn how the new technology is simplifying and making it easier to monitor and guide the web in converting processes.

The traditional signal blocking principle relies on estimating the position of the web edge based on a percentage of blocking of a signal. Light scattering principle along with spatial filtering using fiber optics provides a true location of the web, without the need for calibration of the sensor when material or environmental changes occur.

To learn more about how the technologies compare, visit this page.

Applications with the Fiber Optic Sensing Principle

Along with the proprietary control algorithm, the fiber optic sensor enables a wide variety of applications

From the standard web edge sensing application for web edge and center guiding, to more complicated width monitoring and measurement, contrast monitoring and measurement, thread counting and monitoring, and stack detection and measurement, this new technology employs the same sensor for multiple applications and switches from one mode to another by pressing an icon.

Read more on applications at ARIS WPS sensor applications page.

ARIS Web Position Sensors

A simple design for a very smart web sensor making converting operations easier

The ARIS Web Position Sensor includes two main components: the sensor head and the sensor control unit (SCU). The sensor head is comprised of the light source, receiving optics and the one dimensional line scan camera to capture the spatially altered image. Currently Roll-2-Roll Technologies offer four sizes for the sensor head based on the sensing window width.

Our line of products range from Infrared, White Light (broad band vision spectrum) and UV lights for a variety of specialty applications.

With sensing windows of 16 mm, 48 mm, 221 mm, and 440 mm, the ARIS WPS covers most of the needs of the industry.

See our product line and specifications at this page. and to find out more about the applications please visit the applications page.